Planets, Sounds, Colors and Meters

The following is a table of the audio frequencies, colors and meters analogous to the planetary cycles in the order of the octaves. Click on a name of a cycles (first column) to read the individual description.

Table of planets, sounds, colors and meters


cycle: Kind of period
period: Duration of the period in days or years
frequency: The tuning forks are tuned in this frequencies
Hertz: Number of cycles per second.
octave: The number of octaves is based on the period.
tone: The designations of the tones.
a1: The frequency of the corresponding chromatic a1
diff. 440 Hz: The difference to 440 Hz, given in cents.
color: The color corresponding to the duration of the period in order of the octaves.
bpm: beats per minute
pendulum: A pendulum of the given length (in centimeters) swings with the frequency given in the same row (in bpm). It can be used as a time reference, in case a metronome is not available.