Tone:             211.44 Hz = G#
                       a1 = 448.0 Hz / 440 Hz + 31.3 cent
MP3                  Sample
Tempo:          99.1 bpm
Color:            orange
Effect:            supports intuition, the unconsciousness and enhances the dream experience. It is related to the antique God of the Sea.


Neptune's rotation time lasts about 160 years. This about two times the rotation time of Uranus. Looking at harmonically this means that Neptune is only a lower octave of Uranus. Neptune oscillates in the 40th ovtave with 211,44 Hz, the tone is a G#. its tone is almost octave analog equal to that of the (earth) moon. Its color is also orange and has a wavelength of about 645 Nano meters.

The trident is the symbol of Neptune and Poseidon, the God of the Sea. Neptune is also associated with Shiva. Neptune was dicovered in 1846 and is associated with Pisces.


tuned to the frequency of Neptune
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