Space Flutes

Space Flutes

Overtone Flutes
With the Space Flute, beginners can start playing right away and professionals will be impressed with the natural but impeccable accuracy of the tones produced by the overtone flutes of HERTZ+KLANG.

Only One Gripe Hole
The Space Flute has only one finger hole. The player creates different tones by simply varying the strength of their breath. The series of tones created by the player are natural overtones.

No "bad" notes
The Space Flute are ideal for group improvisations. Every tone of the overtone series always sound great together, so there are no bad notes!

Laterally Held Wooden Flute
The Space Flutes are made from brass with a wooden mouth-piece. The flute is held and played while in a lateral position, but it is not a transverse flute, it is more like a wooden flute. Because it´s so easy to get perfect tones, the Space Flute can be played without any practice. Playing the flute as a virtuoso is as easy as breath control and movement of the fingers gripping the flute.

Innovative Design
Professionals appreciate the brilliant tone of the Space Flute. Through their fine development in design, HERTZ+KLANG offer a purity in the overtone series which has never been achieved so perfectly achieved. The mouthpiece is made of wood and the sound tube is made of polished brass.

Cosmically Tuned
The principal of the Cosmic Octave - wich is based on astronomical data - is the basis for the varying basic tones of the Space Flutes. The flutes are available in all cosmic tunings.

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